Friday, May 15, 2009

Architecture and Environment


In Yogyakarta there is one building known as the "electrical box". The building is located in the center of the entrance to the city center, which is located behind the side Malioboro.Bangunan Garuda hotel. When people will go to Malioboro must pass through the building known as the "power box" is.

Electrical box is a brick-walled building. The breadth and width of approximately 3x4 m2. Electrical box is used to serve to manage the electricity in the area of ​​Malioboro and surrounding areas. In the development berikuitnya, at least right now, this electrical box was not functioning as a "place to manage electricity", but has been changed as a sign of managing traffic.

Why sign traffic manager?

Because the electrical box was located in the middle of the main road to Malioboro, so the traffic that passes through the electrical box to go some way around it, eg from road heading Mataram Kotabaru region must pass through the box lisrtrik memutarainya way. Vice versa, bikers and cars from the area or region Kotabaru Mangkubumi Road after turning off the road kleringan, to get to the Malioboro area must pass through electrical boxes.

The existence of electrical boxes have been changed for the regulatory function of not only traffic, but also as a sign of a past relationship Atar interaction around that road. Therefore, in order to be culturally productive power box that needs to be managed better, even without the run has become a cultural sign. Because if one of managing, as there is the idea of ​​the necessity of dismantling the building's electrical box, is a notion that does not depart from the basis of culture, but rather for the economic interests: Dismantling means the project. This way of thinking projects are indeed damaging cultural image. Since projects usually have a tendency to scatter and divide the money.

Will feel more kultual when electrical box used as a place for information to the public. But not to place advertisements. For example, the electrical box is marked on when the building was constructed. In addition, the electrical box, on the other side could be written on each anniversary date of how the birth city of Yogyakarta, carried out and so on. In short, information that gives information to the public. This means that the electrical box was treated as a public space used for public purposes in the context distrubusi information.

There are a lot of information that can disampaaikan related to city and regional governments DIY, so that it can provide information for others who happened to be a moment in Yogyakarta and passed that way. This means, people who will enter from the east area of ​​Malioboro, inevitably, will get the information through electrical boxes.
Later on, the city's electricity will probably be renamed the information box

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