Friday, July 24, 2009

Nasrul House Renovation

Design TIM by : Gun Faisal & Tomi Putra Mahardika
Location : Perumahan Bumi Andalas

Concept: Change Shape into minimalist facade, while maintaining existing space programs. But the addition of the floor, into 2 floors.


Preliminary design

2nd Design

3rd design

final design

Keep Heading Proposal Design House Chief BAPPEDA Pekanbaru City

Design TIM by : Gun Faisal & Tomi Putra Mahardika
Location : Jl. M.Thamrin no. 137, Pekanbaru

Carport Design Proposal BAPPEDA House Chief of Pekanbaru City

Design TIM by; Gun Faisal & Tomi Putra Mahardika
Location : Jl. M.Thamrin no. 137, Pekanbaru

Alternative Design

Carport Floor Pattern

Friday, July 17, 2009

Carport Design Proposal House Chief Bapeda Pekanbaru City

Desain TIM by Gun Faisal (UGM) & Tomi Putra Mahardika (Arsitektur ITS)
Location: Jl. M. Tamrin no. 137 Pekanbaru

Friday, July 10, 2009

PT RIMASYADA Company Project

Hajj Hostel,

Duri Stadium,
mandau, Duri - RIAU

Benteng Hulu Mosque,
Siak - RIAU

Pintar Senior High School KUANSING,
Taluk Kuantan - RIAU

GOR Kampar,
Bangkinang - RIAU

Bupati Pelalawan Office,
Pangkalan Kerinci, RIAU

Agung Pelalawan Mosque,
Pangkalan Kerinci, RIAU

Tambang market,
Bangkinang, RIAU

Siak Local Library,
Siak, RIAU

Lingga Stadium,
Lingga, RIAU

PT. RIMASYADA Expert Staff



Prof. Ir. H. Widodo, MSCE, Ph.D. Expert Structure
Dr. Ir. H. Harsoyo, MSc Expert Structure
Dr. Ir. H. Ade Ilham, MT Expert Structure
Ir. H. Tadjuddin BM, MT Expert Structure
Ir. H. Munichy B. Edress. M. Arch, Architecture Expert IAI

Ir. Adi Jatmika Suryabrata, PhD Expert Architecture

Ir. Arman Yulianta. MUP Architecture Expert
Marsono, ST Architectural Assistant Expert
Ir. Soedjatmiko, MSc Electrical Experts
Prapta Suharyana, ST Electrical Expert Assistant
Ir. Paryana Puspaputra, M. Eng Mechanical Expert
Ariyantapa Gunawan, ST Ass. Expert Mechanical
Ir. Supomo Geologists
Ir. Sindu Nuranto, MT Environmental Expert
Ir. Suharman AhliSosiologi
M. Gupit Robbicahya, ST Coordinator Surveyor
Ir. Narsito Supervision Engineer
Ir. Silalahi Jauhari Site Engineer
Ir. Manambual Siahaan Quality Engineer
Ir. Suharyatma Highway Engineer
Ir. Mindar Sinambela Highway Engineer
Ir. Mochamad Baried Imron Highway Engineer
Ir. Jaka Prasetya Highway Engineer
Ir. Supriyono Highway Engineer
Ir. Suyitno Hidrology Engineer
Ir. Sarwidi Bridge Engineer
Ir. Joko Hartadi Geodetic Engineer


- Structure of Building & Foundation
- Roads, Bridges & Infrastructure
- Transport Management
- Management Airports
- Construction Management
- Port & Dock
- Dams & Irrigation

- Architectural Landscapes
- Building Architecture, Building Toys and others - others
- Interior Architecture
- Master Plan
- Division mockups

- Installation of Electrical & Lightning arrester
- Generation Network Installation, Transmission & Distribution
- Installation Procedures of the Air, Elevator & Escalator, Thermal & Sound Installation Utilities & Plumbing
- Other Electrical & Mechanical Works

- Network Telecommunications
- Computers. Peripherals, Multimedia and Networking Project Product
- Environmental Impact Analysis
- Preparation of the Environmental Management Plan
- Preparation of the Environmental Monitoring Plan

- Services Inspection / Supervision
- Project Management
- Survey Remote Sensing / Photogrammetry
- Survey Hydrographic / bathymetric
- Geographic Information Systems

- Social Infrastructure and Development / Community Participation
- Nurseries
- Plantation & Agricultural Engineering
- Livestock
- Forestry
- Fisheries
- Hard Crop & Food Products Other Plants
- Conservation & Greening


PT. RIMASYADA Company Profile

Company Profile

Head Office
Jl. Dr. Sutomo 33 B Pekanbaru, Riau 28142
Ph. +62 761-859327 fax : +62 761-34845
E-mail :

Branch Office
Jl. Dian Nusantara I No. 83/85
Komplek Perum Deppen Saturan Jogjakarta
Ph. (0274) 486353 fax : (0274) 486286
Jl. Banteng No. 5 (Pariwisata 33 B)
Mataram, Lombok
Ph./fax : (0370) 649036

PT. RIMASYADA is a company engaged in since 1990 ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS by deed no. 4, dated January 10, 1990 and deed of amendment No. 14 dated December 27, 2002 in Deed M. Dahad Umar SH, Pekanbaru - Riau.

With over 10 years experience PT. RIMASYADA has succeeded in carrying out their job effectively and responsibly in a variety of jobs CIVIL ENGINEERING and ARCHITECTURE, began planning the work to the supervision of the work of Building and Interior Design, Roads and Bridges, Measurement of Topography and its management traffic until all the problems the dam.

With the guidance of practitioners and experts in their fields, supported by an energetic young workers and professionals, PT. RIMASYADA able and competent to carry out the work entrusted to him.