Friday, May 15, 2009


CONCEPT, 6x4m2 sized room. With the bathroom in front. This room has a door with a width of 1:35 kuran meters as the circulation of a hospital bed. The main window is large, so That the needs terpeuhi sunlight in the room. medical equipment as the completeness of hospital hidden in the back of the bed Creates impression of a more neat, and orderly. COLOR, majority white interior use. It is intended to give a clean impression. Then coupled with a brown color adds hangta wood indoors. MATERIAL, many uses of wood materials. Doors, shadding, floor and furniture in the room. On the wall using the color on the floor using a pattern putih.Sementara parquette.Sedangkan wc door, pvc door use to be resistant to water. FACILITY, on this mother inpatient room has one bathroom and some other facilities: television, couch, air conditioning cupboard and so on

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