Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dear My house, how I picked you?

The house is a basic need we all.

Without a home, we as if with no clothes on so it does not deserve to be in the community. In addition, the house also became a trade mark of social status of one's own will.

Formerly not difficult to have a house because the land is available very, very broad and fairly for all people to build their homes, either independently or cooperate, because the citizens are ready to help us at all times is required. However, others had different now. Nowadays having a dwelling house itself is often just a mere dream for so many obstacles that confront, ranging from land to the fund.

For those who are able though, to the desire to have a good house not an easy matter. In the midst of very rapid flow of information nowadays, people are often discouraged, even just to determine what kind of house they desire. Suggestions and advice of friends and close relatives who already have residence was just added to the confusion because a wide variety of suggestions given. Not to mention the number of bids currently available homes ready for habitation of the developers, from the cheapest to the most luxurious adds to the confusion of its own.

However, the architecture and the architect or interior designer and interior designer, particularly associated with the dwelling house, lately more and more to public attention, especially among those who have the breadth and the relative excess capacity to think and realize their dreams of a dream home respectively.

If we go back to the condition of architecture and interior design today, its development as part of general public knowledge is more than time ago. Good momentum this presumably can be used to broaden and deepen pembahsan architecture in society. And ultimately easier for us in determining the dream house that we want

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